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Choosing the Right type of Kegerator


Choosing the Right Type of Kegerator

August 8, 2020


So, you have come to your senses and made the power move to purchase a personal Kegerator. We couldn’t be prouder to welcome you to this excellent community of individuals dedicated to the science of keeping precious beverages cold. Now, if you seem to be asking yourself what type of Kegerator is right for you, let us help you by reading below. 


Mini Kegerator

Who: For the weekend warrior that simply doesn’t have a ton of space available or is not quite ready for the larger financial investment. Mini Kegerators are designed to fit roughly 5L kegs and sit on your countertop. Also, Mini Kegerators generally won’t break the bank for a first-time purchase. If you predict that you’ll be spending the long winter months holed up in your studio or 1-bedroom apartment this year, a mini Kegerator may be the right choice for you.

Pros: A mini Kegerator will keep your favorite draft at the perfect temperature for optimum flavor preservation. It is easily stored away when not in use, and it’s even quite portable if you want to be the life of any party you go to and bring it along. 

Cons: The struggle with a Mini Kegerator is that it can be difficult to find a variety of different drafts as 5L kegs. The most commonly available 5L kegs on the market come from Heineken, Coors Light, and Newcastle Brown Ale. If those beers are your drafts of choice, then Cheers! Get your Mini Kegerator today and get the tap flowing. However, if you think you’d like to have more variety, let’s keep reading.


Basic Breakdown

  • Capacity:5L kegs
  • Price Range:$50-$500
  • Ideal locations:Small areas, countertops or cabinets.
  • Variety: Not many beers to choose from 



Who: Now let’s start talking about the serious beer connoisseurs. If you are someone that would choose a night of bar games at a craft brew hall over that $1000 table at the club, we are talking to you. Even if you wouldn’t but want the freedom to choose essentially any type of beer on the market with the comfort of knowing you’re stocked up at all times, let’s talk about freestanding and built-in Kegerators.

Pros: Options, options, and more options! There are tons of different types of indoor Kegerators to choose from. Whether you want wood, stainless steel, plastic, or basically any color, you will be able to find it. Many free-standing or built-in Kegerators are customizable if you want digital displays, multitaps, or one equipped with wheels. Even better, you’ll be able to find a much larger variety of beers because these types of Kegerators are compatible with mini-kegs, sixth barrel kegs, quarter, slim quarter, and half a barrel/full-size kegs.

Cons: This tends to be a pricier option and may require a certain amount of maintenance to install and upkeep. We note that freestanding kegs should never be built into a cabinet space because they require sufficient ventilation, including at least two to five inches of space around the unit. We also like to point out that with a larger option, you’ll want to remember how important it is to keep your beer lines clean to preserve that clean crisp taste we know and love. Beer line cleaning kits can be found easily online!


Basic Breakdown

  • Capacity:5L to half-barrel kegs
  • Price Range:$600-$3000
  • Ideal Locations: Best for at-home entertaining spaces (home bar, kitchen, game room, man cave, etc.)
  • Variety:Endless customizable options as well as beers available


Outdoor Kegerator

Who: For those of you that have the backyard tiki bar, pool house patio, or any outdoor entertaining space, you’ll want to make sure that you purchase a specific outdoor Kegerator. Even if you are just storing in the garage, it is worth the extra investment for an outdoor unit.

Pros: Outdoor Kegerators are built with stronger components to ensure that your drafts stay cool while exposed to any weather conditions. They are still very customizable and can hold many different varieties of kegs. As the year goes on and weather conditions change, you can rest assured that your kegerator is keeping your beer at the perfect conditions.

Cons: Naturally being exposed to outdoor conditions will end up shortening the life span of your unit compared to solely indoor Kegerators. If you are in an exceptionally hot climate on a consistent basis, you’re going to need a very strong unit to keep your beer at optimal temperatures.


Basic Breakdown

  • Capacity:5L - Half Barrel
  • Price Range:$1,800 - $5,000 
  • Ideal Locations: Best for outdoor entertaining spaces 
  • Variety: Endless customizable options as well as beers available



Who: Now for the people that consider having a beer in hand at 5:00 pm as an essential part of your daily routine, let’s talk about commercial Kegerators. If you want the top of the line cooling capabilities and the extra features that restaurants and bars have on their Kegerators, go no further. Although these units are generally used for commercial spaces, many of them are customizable for at-home use as well.

Pros: You’re going to get the most bang for your buck here with premium cooling capabilities, the best lines for tap delivery, and capabilities for all extra features. Commercial Kegerators can come with extra storage for kegs on deck, additional cooling space for cans/bottles, plenty of tap fixtures, and can be suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Cons: Higher price for higher quality. If you want all the best stuff, you’re going to have to make the investment. Commercial Kegerators typically require some installation procedures as well.


Basic Breakdown

  • Capacity:5L - Half Barrel
  • Pricing:$600 - $5000 
  • Ideal Locations: Best for restaurants, bars, large entertaining spaces, parties, or events.
  • Variety: Endless customizable options and beers available


We hope that this post was beneficial for you and that you have all of the information that you need to find the right Kegerator for your beer consumption needs. As always, feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any more questions. Contact Us and check out our store for the best Kegerators on the market!



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