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Why a Kegerator is your next best purchase

Why a Kegerator is Your Next Best Purchase
August 6, 2020
Top Reasons Why You Need a Kegerator in Your Life 
In the turmoil that is going on in the world today, we are experiencing restrictions that have never been seen in modern times. We all miss watching the office wall clock tick down to the precious time of 5:00 pm. When you can get up, fist bump Oscar the security guard on your way out of the office, and round the corner to the closet pub where your squad is waiting for you with the first round of drafts already poured.  
Who knows when we will be back to regular life? It may be weeks, months, or over a year! Not being able to go to the bar with the boys (or girls for all you brew gals out there) makes it that much more essential to purchase a personal Kegerator. You can have a personal Kegerator at your own home that consistently serves the perfect crisp, ice-cold draft that we all know and love. If you need any further convincing as to why now is the perfect time for your Kegerator purchase, please continue reading.
Freshness and Reliability
First and foremost, the number one priority of consuming an ice-cold draft should always be that it is at its peak of freshness. Refrigerated stainless steel kegs will keep beer and other beverages at the perfect conditions to maintain their quality and freshness for long periods of time. You can rest easy knowing that each pour from a kegerator will have that familiar crisp taste.
Kegerators that use CO2 to refrigerate their kegs can keep beer fresh for up to six to eight weeks depending on the type of beer. Pasteurized beers may last up to three to six months if stored at the correct temperatures. We know that our readers are dedicated enough to enjoying quality brews that it would never take you this long to finish off your kegs. We just like to remind everyone of the incredible capabilities of our Kegerators! 
Saving Money
This one is pretty obvious. Beer prices at bars can range anywhere from $6 - $18. If you are from big cities such as Chicago, Manhattan, LA, etc. we feel your pain…. We all know that sinking feeling you get after generously buying a few rounds for the squad, and the tender starts printing out your receipt. Let’s be honest, we’re not going out to drink just one or two beers—when the drafts are too good to resist, we just can’t help ourselves! 
Although the start-up costs may seem a bit high, let's talk about long term savings here. If we’re looking at potentially another year of in-home beer consumption, we’re drinking roughly 10-15 beers per week at prices as low as 50 cents a pint. We can conservatively estimate that our savings will be well into the thousands, if not close to the tens of thousands range here! 
Saving space and the environment
Now, we won’t brag about ourselves as heroes of the environment, BUT there is no denying the amount of aluminum and glass that you’ll be saving from purchasing your own Kegerator. Rather than loading up the refrigerator with endless cans and glass bottles that took multiple trips from the car to bring in, why not just have one centralized beer distribution method? Kegs are reusable and allow you to use your refrigeration space for other hosting necessities! Why have everyone moving in and out of the kitchen to grab more beers while you are trying to cook when you could have a great Kegerator located in the pristine hosting area of your home? 
Home = Bar
Lastly, as Dorothy famously said—and we can’t agree with her more—“There is no place like Home.” Stop worrying about beating traffic, finding a parking space, and dealing with crowded bars. Sit in your favorite chair, kick off your shoes, and control the TV to watch your favorite team. Most importantly, NEVER drink and drive again, enjoy your ice-cold brews from your living room, and head to bed whenever you are ready without worrying about getting into a car. 
We hope that these reasons have been enough to convince you of the mounting benefits of owning a personal Kegerator. If you want to be the most important person in the friend group throughout the next year and never want to drink a warm beer again, let us help you. Check out our store with the best collection of quality Kegerators on the market!
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